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Flood caused damage to a popular water play area, which has now reopened.

Bob Gamble Park’s water play area and picnic areas were damaged by floods in February and May. Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said the council is working hard to repair flood-damaged infrastructure. The water and storms earlier this year destroyed the city, displaced hundreds of inhabitants, and closed several parks and reserves, said Mayor Harding. The Bremer River flooded Bob Gamble Park. Pumping equipment and the park itself needed substantial repairs and replacements. Even though the park had a lot of water, the durable design minimised damage. I’m glad to see this River Heart Parklands favourite return for the season.

Councillor Kate Kunzelmann, deputy chair of the Local Disaster Management Group, said the progress of flood recovery initiatives can be monitored online. River Heart Parklands extends around the Bremer River in Ipswich Central, and portions have been blocked since the floods, including Bob Gamble Park. The council placed temporary solar lights in the River Heart Parklands parking after rain damaged the normal lights’ power supply equipment. These new solar lights will assist ensure public safety while we transfer the electricity supply to higher elevations. Council knows homeowners love our parks and facilities.

Councillor Russell Milligan, deputy chair of the Local Disaster Management Group, said the council is seeking to strengthen resilience while it repairs. With the reopening of Bob Gamble Park and the installation of temporary solar lights, we are replacing and repairing infrastructure in a more robust way,” stated Cr. Milligan.

Division 3 Councillor Marnie Doyle said it was nice to see more areas of the 1.5-hectare River Heart Parklands reopen. Some sections remain restricted for public safety. The Australian and Queensland governments supported the work under Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

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