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Eastern Australia has seen gale force winds, flooding, and heatwaves.

The eastern region of Australia is being pummelling by hurricane-force winds that have already blown off roofs, uprooted trees, and brought down powerlines; people have been urged to brace themselves for much more devastation. Yesterday, residents of New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia made hundreds of requests for assistance throughout the three states, as gusts of wind reaching over 80 miles per hour were reported in some areas.

The combination of fierce winds and unusually cool temperatures has left many people bewildered just days before summer, notably in Victoria, where sections of the state reported lows as low as eight degrees this morning. The windy disaster that occurred the day before has started to be cleaned up all along the shore, but meteorologists are warning that conditions have returned today – although they are not as intense – and inhabitants should prepare for an additional mess. You may find a comprehensive list of warnings on the BOM website.

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